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Your Air Conditioning needs some care & attention too

There can be a number of common faults within a vehicle's Air Conditioning or Climate Control system, these include:

The natural loss of gas:

This is usually caused by the lack of use during cold periods or the system not being serviced regularly. By running the air conditioning during the winter months this will help with the de-misting process and also keep the seals moist.

Loss of gas due to leakage:

Pipe work and hoses can become loose causing fractures. Hoses can rub together causing holes and pipe work and condensers can corrode with the gritting salts used during winter. Stone chips to the condenser can also cause leaks to start.

Common Electrical faults:

Problems with pressure switches, fuses, relays and cables can cause systems to stop running.

Bacteria & Fungus can build up in your air conditioning system

Is there a strange smell coming from your air conditioning? As your car air conditioning system ages, you may notice the freshness of the air deteriorating. When your air conditioning is operating, moisture in the air condenses on the system's cold surfaces. Most of this moisture drains harmlessly away, but some remains within the ventilation system after your A/C has been turned off. This residual moisture provides the ideal living environment for naturally occurring airborne fungal micro-organisms, mildew and mould. Once trapped within the ventilation system, these colonies can combine to produce unpleasant odours and potential flu-like symptoms. Having your air conditioning serviced and recharged will remove these odours and prevent the development of any ill effects within the vehicle’s occupants.

Tips to prolong your air conditioning system

With your air conditioning system functioning properly you will have a safer more comfortable driving experience. The air conditioning system in your vehicle is not a fit and forget item and like the engine will require regular servicing to keep it in full working order. Using your air conditioning in the colder months will help to prevent the front screen misting up as de-humidified air is passed over it. Air conditioning should be run for at least 10 minutes a week to enable oil to reach all seals. This prevents them from drying and shrinking and lubricates the moving parts of the compressor to avoid costly replacements and repairs.

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